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Author Services

Our author services include formatting, cover design, branding, promotional graphics, website creation and maintenance and more…

Website & Blogging Services

Our services for bloggers and online business owners includes technical help, email list assistance, blog creation and maintenance and more…

Design Services

Our design services include logo design, branding, web / blog headers, social media graphics, products & services promotional graphics and more…

“Incredibly Efficient”

Working with Lois has been such a pleasure! She is a great communicator, incredibly efficient, and produces high-quality, “just as I requested” work. I highly recommend her services!

– Brandice Lardner, Grace Filled Plate

“Highly Recommended”

I hired Lois to do a huge job for me while I was a full time student in German language immersion. I didn’t have the time to micromanage or supervise anyone step by step and that’s where Lois stepped in. I could focus on my studies while knowing that the job was being done without any doubts or hesitation. Lois comes highly recommended.

– Lillian Stevens, Hey Creative Sister

Load Time was 11.24s, now it’s 1.9s!

Lois helped me take my site load speed from 11.24 seconds to 1.9! She was very thorough in communicating what issues were significantly slowing down my site and found solutions for my speed issues.

– Jenna Kosters, Peaches & Prayer

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