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Author Services | Website & Blogging Services | Design Services

There’s more to being an author than writing, especially in the world of independent publishing.

We can help with the following services (and more) to help you polish your book and get it ready to launch into the hands and hearts of readers.

Finished writing your masterpiece? Don’t let typos and grammatical errors ruin it.

Studio Mercy offers high-accuracy proofreading to ensure that your reader won’t ever find a misplaced symbol or misspelled word. Our level of attention to detail is extreme to make sure your manuscript is polished to perfection.

Proofreading (per 1,000 words) $7

eBook formatting (.mobi & .epub) $50

Print formatting (.pdf) $75

eBook & Print formatting (.mobi, .epub & .pdf) $100

eBook cover (premade) $75
(premade shop coming soon)

Add Back Cover and Spine to SM Premade Front Cover $75

Add Back Cover and Spine to Your Existing Front Cover $100

eBook cover (custom) $149

eBook & Print cover (custom) $200

3D Book Promotional Graphic $20

Square Book Promotional Graphic $30

3D and Square Book Promotional Graphics $45

Amazon Categories & Keywords Research $75

Uploading Manuscript & Covers (per Retailer) $20

Amazon Book Description Formatting $30

Website & Blogging Services

Blogging has so many moving parts – it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

We can help with the services listed on the right (and more) to help make sure your site is as fast, light and efficient as it needs to be to stand out from the crowd.

Plugin problem? Theme too tricky? Errors everywhere? We can help.

Whether WordPress has you in a whirl or Squarespace is sending you silly, we can help iron out those annoying issues that always seem to come out of nowhere and slow you down.

Pay as you go hourly rate: $25/hr

Monthly retainer package: $180 for 8 hours per month
($20 saving!)

Bespoke monthly packages available with more or less hours to suit your needs and budget.

Nothing turns visitors and customers away like a site that takes longer to load than a 90s dial-up connection…

In the Site Speed Optimization package, we’ll comb through the technical details of your site that impact your load time and will recommend changes you can make to ensure your site is fast, light and bloat-free.

Optimization report $100

Hire us to implement some or all of the changes for you $25/hr

Got a theme you love but don’t have the time or technical know-how to set it up just the way you want it? We can help.

Hourly rate: $25/hr

“The money’s in the list”, they say. Which isn’t much use if you can’t get to grips with subscribe forms, setting up automations and sequences or even switching email providers.

We can help with all of that and more, so you’ll be sending your subscribers value-packed newsletters, opt-in freebies and email broadcasts before you know it.

Hourly rate: $25/hr

Bespoke migration and set-up packages available – just get in touch to discuss your needs.

Design Services

Bad design hurts your brand. (So does lack of design, incoherency and inconsistency.)

We can help create and present a coherent, streamlined branding identity to help you stand out as professional, polished and preferable.

Your brand isn’t just your logo. Your brand is your ethos.

A coherent indication of what you’re all about is achieved when your brand design compliments and communicates what you do and who you are.

Our branding package will provide you with a full branding suite of custom recognizable assets (logos, fonts, colors, styles and motifs) and a deeper clarity of your brand’s essence.

Branding package: $200

Do your Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook graphics stand out from the crowd?

We will create 10 different graphics for each platform (total of 30 graphics) that will match your branding, pique interest and drive clicks to your main content.

Social Media graphics (30): $150

Do your Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook graphics stand out from the crowd?

We will create 10 different reuseable templates for each platform (total of 30 templates) that will match your branding, pique interest and drive clicks to your main content.

Social Media reuseable templates (30): $300

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